Sunday kids

Sunday kids


Sunday Kids

WHAT? Sunday Kids Spring Term

WHEN? 1st and 4th Sundays 11.00am

WHERE? St. Helen’s Church, Churchtown

WHO? All children (if you are very young please bring a helper)

We will meet again on 7th January 2018 and our first session will be ‘How to Pray’. We have great fun learning more about Jesus through stories, games, quizzes and crafts. If it is your first time to come to Sunday Kids or your fiftieth you will be warmly welcomed! We enjoyed a busy Autumn term learning more about Prayer and its importance in developing our relationship with Jesus. In each session we revisit that prayer means spending time with God, speaking naturally as well as listening or even being quiet, just as you would with a friend. We remember that prayer can only do good things because God is GOOD.

Highlights of last term include a skit called Daniel and the Scary Sleepover. We acted out how God answered Daniel’s trusting prayer in an amazing way. We also started to learn a new song entitled Brave. John, the guitarist from the Worship group is kindly helping the children learn the chords on the ukulele (we have invested in 4 as well as various other percussion instruments)…we are definitely a work in progress but praising God through song is always a joyful experience!

In the Spring term we will continue our theme of Prayer looking at Old Testament and New Testament stories of how God answered prayer. We will see that although sometimes surprising, God’s way is always best.

On April 1st we will celebrate the Good News of Easter Sunday with a party.

We are delighted that 4 new children have been attending in the last two months. In fact 8 children came to end of November session-Praise the Lord!

As always we are grateful for your continued prayers for the children’s ministry in our United Benefice.

Katrina and Dea