“Up in the air” Feb 2018

“Up in the air” Feb 2018

“Up In The Air Activity Day”



Wow! what a wonderful time we had on Monday 19th February 2018 when Pulse Ministries came to St Helens and gave us the ride of our lives on the airlines Easy Jet and Ryanair!

What? I hear you say I don’t understand, how can this be!?

Well it all started with booking into the Departure Lounge at St Helens Airport (Church Hall).

We were split into two teams, Easy Jet or Ryanair. I was on the Easy Jet team.

I had about 10 in my team. The flight took off at 10.00a.m. and we landed at 3.00p.m. in the afternoon. On our journey we sang songs which involved actions and dancing.

We heard about Hannah and how she trusted God for a son and discovered what it means for us to trust God and how we can get closer to Him through knowing Jesus.

We even had a visit from a huge carrier pigeon called Pat who brought us a message from the bible. Pete and his team took us to places where we could do craft, modelling, colorings, making bracelets and we took part in Prayer Stations which helped us understand who God is, that we are not journeying on our own, Jesus is there too.

Pete used an illustration of the naughty step to show how Jesus took all our punishment for us so we can be free from guilt and to help us understand His Sacrifice on The Cross for all of us..

We were shown how to ask Jesus to be our Friend, Saviour and Helper and shown what it all means…what it is all about.

We all agreed we had a brilliant time, then at the end of the journey we all sat down they laid a cross on the floor and we were all given two sweets in the shape of a heart, one pink the other white, the choice whether to eat them or lay our sweets on the cross to show we were friends of Jesus. With no pressure nearly everyone put their sweets on the cross.

At the end of all the activities and games the scores for the day were shared.

Boo Hoo! Ryanair won the most points over the day even though EasyJet were winning at lunchtime but never mind Pete had the custard pie in the face and not our team leader Amy.

I really hope that Pulse comes again because great fun was had by one and all!


Latest News….. The Pulse team will be back on 30th October at St. Helen’s. Watch out for the booking form!