Covid – 19 Opening Churches

Covid – 19 Opening Churches

Opening our church.

 Services in Church

There will be a service at 11 a.m. every Sunday on Zoom during the lockdown which was announced on 4th January 2021. Please contact the Rector or churchwardens for details.

The following information is for when the church opens up again.

The rules we have been given state that clergy can only take one service in the benefice each Sunday because of the risk of cross contamination. A pattern of services has been drawn up using clergy and lay people. Alternate pews are taped off and direction is given as to where people can sit to ensure social distancing. At St. Helen’s the screen will be used for the service but a few paper copies of the service, including large print, will be available for those who cannot see the screen and must be taken away at the end of the service. This becomes a personal copy and should be brought back for use by that person at subsequent services.

A face covering which covers the nose and mouth must be worn and although there may be music played, there will not be any singing of hymns.

Details will be taken of all attending church – name and telephone number – as required for possible track and trace activity, hopefully never needed. These are kept clocked away after the service until they can be destroyed.

We will give information about any changes by letter, email, Newsletter and advertising.

Please do let us know of anyone who is not on the Electoral Roll but attends one of our churches and encourage them to contact us so they will be sent any information too.



This is a very different way of being church together and we ask for your continued prayer, support and graciousness in all that has to be done.