5th January 2021

5th January 2021

From Bishop Libby  

‘Grace, mercy and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ will be with us all’ 2 John v3

My friends, I do hope you found gentle comfort and simple joy over Christmas. And I wish you a peaceful New Year. It seems that 2021, though, is presenting us with new challenges, as we enter another period of national lockdown in an attempt to arrest the spread of this more virulent variant of the coronavirus.

I think we were looking to this new year wishing that the introduction of vaccines would speed up our personal, local and national recovery. I expect you share my sense of disappointment and frustration that circumstances have changed again, and we, for good and right reason, are required to ‘Stay home, Save lives, Protect the NHS’.

We remain hopeful, though, because our hope is founded, not on the ‘changes and chances’ of life but on Christ himself, the light of the world, the Word made flesh – God with us.

Epiphany reminds us of the generosity of God, who chose to share everything of Himself with us. In the footsteps of the Magi, we continue to seek Christ that we might offer all of ourselves in worship – and be open to our lives being transformed in that encounter.

Especially now, with generous faith, courageous hope, and life-giving love may we – in Christ, with Christ, for Christ – see lives transformed in growing Church and building community.

Be assured of my continuing and grateful prayers,



A Prayer for Epiphany 

Creator of the heavens,
who led the Magi by a star
to worship the Christ–child:
guide and sustain us,
that we may find our journey’s end
in Jesus Christ our Lord.