Our mission

To be a church where the love of Jesus unites us as a family as we prayerfully serve our local community.

St Helen’s is an inclusive church which does not discriminate, on any level, on grounds of economic power, gender, mental health, physical ability, race or sexuality.

St Helen’s is also an Open Door church.

Open Door is a concept and venture which is for young, old, and people from all backgrounds.

We believe there are people out there who would love to take part in a church service but feel they are unable to because of the nature of their or a member of their family’s disability.

We realise that there are often complex reasons why families and others would find conventional church hard and inaccessible.

But with Open Door, there is complete understanding and acceptance of those potential barriers and we do our best to create a climate that anyone can enjoy.

With this in mind we looked at using person-centred ideas to extend our approach as a church to meeting people where and how they are, instead of expecting them to conform to our formalities.

More about Open Door