9th July 2017

A Thought

On the 8th July in El Salvador the Archbishop Oscar Romero was murdered while celebrating Holy Communion in a Cancer Hospital. The shooter came into the chapel and shot Romero in the chest. He was a martyr for the faith and also for the people of El Salvador. Just before he was shot he called for all the Baptised to be ‘Martyrs’ or as the English word translates – Witnesses. Romero wished that the Christian people would be rooted in prayer and knowledge of the Bible and from that foundation would then stand up for the poor, the dispossessed, the widows and the needy. Romero said while one Baptised person was left – they are called by Jesus to witness to truth, justice and love of all peoples. Romero knew that he was going to be executed by the America backed government. He knew he’d ruffled too many people in power. But he loved those who were to murder him with the love which comes from being rooted in Jesus Christ. Today we may not all be called to die for our faith. But we are all in our own situations called to be witnesses of God’s amazing love and grace. In a world and church of much change and uncertainty we too must trust in the Holy Spirit. The Spirit will guide us to the truth of the Gospel and He will strengthen us to serve all people in need in our own communities and in our world. Today may God’s Holy Spirit console you and strengthen you to take up thy cross and follow the crucified and risen Lord and in the midst of hardship may we never lose our love of the Gospel which frees all people who turn to it. Amen!! Alleluia!!

With my prayers and thoughts.

Stephen Monk