4th August 2019

4th August 2019

Welcome to the United Benefice of St. Helen,

St. Mary and St. John the Baptist

It’s great to gather together as the Body of Christ in this beautiful part of Derbyshire. Though we have differences, we have one Lord, one Faith and one Passion for the Gospel. May we spend time today praying together and sharing fellowship.

All are welcome to take part fully in our services. If this is a Service of Holy Communion, you are very welcome to receive Holy Communion at the appropriate time.

(Gluten-free wafers are available; just ask anyone leading the Communion.)


Our Worship Today, Sun.4th August, Trinity Seven

9 a.m.     Holy Communion at St. John’s

10 a.m.     Holy Communion at St. Mary’s

11 a.m.    Holy Communion at St. Helen’s

2 p.m.      Open Door at St. Helen’s


Regular Midweek Services

Tuesday, Morning Prayer in St. Helen’s Hall,  9.30 a.m.

Thursday,  Morning Prayer at St. John’s,  9.30 a.m.


 Prayer Meetings & Home Groups

Wed. 7th       Home Group, 11 John Turner Rd. 7.30 p.m.

Thurs. 8th      Prayer Meeting, 14 Park Avenue, 9.30 a.m.

Thurs. 8th       Home Group,14 Park Avenue, 7.30 p.m.


Our Worship Next Week, Sun. 11th August

8.a.m.      Holy Communion at St. Helen’s (BCP)

9 a.m.      Holy Communion at St. John’s

10 a.m.    Family Service at St. Helen’s

6 p.m.      Imitate Worship in St. Helen’s Hall


For our Prayers:

The Hopper family, the Parnell family, Tony & Marie Thrower, Stan Codd, Andrew Brown, Steven Gill,  Janet Brindley, Pam Creasey, Donna Watson, Katie Reade, Stephen Monk, Carol Sanderson, John and Marian Booth, Eileen Gray, Yulaka Ito, Brenda Brown, Jayne Walker, .Mavis Allen, Laurie Evans.

Please let Pauline know if you would like someone’s name on the Prayer List, or if a name can be removed. For St. Mary’s, please give names to David Gadsby, for St. John’s to Marion Bowler.

Let us pray for anyone who has been recently bereaved.

Let us pray for all those who are in a state of sadness or anxiety.

Please note there will be no Ecumenical Holy Communion or Café Church in August.


Joint PCC Meeting, Tues. 6th Aug.7.30 p.m. 

This will take place at St. Mary’s.


‘Christianity Explored’ in Winster                              

We’ll be running ‘Christianity Explored’ in Winster Village Hall on Thursday evenings, starting 26th Sept.


Coffee Morning, St. John’s, Winster, Sat. 17th August,    10.30 a.m. -12 noon  

Do come and join us for this. All are welcome.

Anyone interested in ‘Christianity Explored’ will be able to have a preview of the course material.


Notices before the Sunday Service, St. Helens

These are on a monthly rota. The next few months as follows:

Aug.               Steve Walker

Sept.             Roz Woodley

Oct.               Chris Townsend

Please let the ‘person on duty’ know in advance if you would like a particular item to be read out.


Our Joint Family Service, Next Sun. 11th August

For this Family Service, at St. Helen’s, we’ll be learning and singing a new song! It’s a lovely one and very easy to pick up.

The words are below, and those of you who are ‘into’ things IT could listen to it on You Tube – just type in: One Bread One Body – with lyrics.wmv – You Tube.

 If possible, please try to be at St. Helen’s for 9.50 a.m. so that we can learn this before the service starts at 10.

 Chris and Stephen


 The Worship Group – Sabbatical

In August 2014, Stephen asked Sally and me to set up a Worship Group, to lead the singing in Family Services.  We began by rehearsing on the two Wednesdays before each service.

Since then we have evolved as a group in various ways:  we now meet every Wednesday (6:15 pm at St. Helen’s). We ‘gel’ more as a group, the fellowship is increasingly warm and inclusive and the rehearsals have now become worship in their own right.

As ever, we extend an open invitation to anyone and everyone, from all three churches, to come and join us on any Wednesday. (You would not have to sing at the front in a service!)

Also, we would welcome any suggestions of hymns/spiritual songs for us to play/sing. (We tend to focus more on modern songs.)

We are all very keen to be a cohesive influence in the church, and we do not want to impose any particular style of worship on anyone. We just want to help people get closer to God, to find Him in the worship, to find joy in the singing. We want to encourage people in their faith and to strengthen the bonds of friendship in the church.

We have taken a break from Family Services until the Autumn, and we want to increase our repertoire over this period. We also realise that our style is best suited to St. Helen’s congregation, and that it will be good for St. Mary’s to explore their own style of worship.

We wish to say here how much we have appreciated the love and support that we have had from the whole group, and the many warm gestures of support from congregation members.

Thank you.

Richard and Sally Royd



   Psalm 107.1-9,43


1             O give thanks to the Lord, for he is gracious,
for his steadfast love endures for ever.

2             Let the redeemed of the Lord say this,
those he redeemed from the hand of the enemy,

3             And gathered out of the lands
from the east and from the west,
from the north and from the south.

4             Some went astray in desert wastes
and found no path to a city to dwell in.

5             Hungry and thirsty,
their soul was fainting within them.

6             So they cried to the Lord in their trouble
and he delivered them from their distress.

7             He set their feet on the right way
till they came to a city to dwell in.

8             Let them give thanks to the Lord for his goodness
and the wonders he does for his children.

9             For he satisfies the longing soul
and fills the hungry soul with good.

43            Whoever is wise will ponder these things
and consider the loving-kindness of the Lord.